The main purpose of KARMER;

“Is to help our students and graduates make their own personal career plan and make them real.”

In details; The main objectives of our center are;


  1. To help the individuals to reconignition of the irinterests, talents, personalities, career values and other qualifications in a realistic manner.
  2. To support the acquiring current information about jobs located in the labour market and business opportunities,
  3. To help them make the right career decisions for themselves,


For the students;


1.Offering services related to employment, Human Resources and Consulting areas to make public and private employment agencies work more quality and efficient.
2.By providing comprehensively professional knowledgethrough educational programs for the public and private employment offices employees or the candidates try to maketo meet the need for trained employees of the mentioned institutions and develop the knowledge and skills of existing staff;
3.By organizing national and international conferences, symposiums and othe rscientific meetings to inform institutions and organizations and individuals in thearea oflabor market and human resources, to help them to exchange of views and establish views on labor market policies.